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Presenting Superior Product Innovation

Chiyoda Industry Indonesia is a company engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle components and metal products/metal. In order to meet customer needs in terms of quality and sustainable products, the company establishes its quality policy in operating activities

Vision & Mission

Provide satisfaction to customers, improve the capabilities and well-being of employees and their families, and also provide social contributions for Indonesian society.

The Chiyoda Industry Indonesia History

Chiyoda Industry Indonesia was originally established in 2013. Our company is engaged in automotive components that focus on vehicle seat frames. Initially our company was located in MM2100 Industrial Estate, Jl Flores I, Block C1, Plot 9-10, Cikarang, Bekasi Regency 17520

⁠2014 – 2015

In that year we first provided services to Toyota Boshoku Indonesia (TBINA) as a tier 1 supplier.

⁠2016 – 2018

Because along with the increasing demand from customers, we started a new plant located at MM2100 Industrial Estate, Jl Irian, Block XV RR-10, Cikarang Barat, Bekasi 17530 and in that year we received ISO certification as a form of our commitment to the products provided.

2019 – 2021

With the capacity that has increased with that time span we started new projects to support vehicles such as the SUZUKI, MITUBISHI, and HONDA brands.

2022 – 2023

Until now, our support for the vehicle brand is still going very well with the hope that we will

Advanced Technology In Manufacturing

Our Production Machinery is an advanced and accurate Japanese technology in making products, with efficient use of raw materials compared to others

The Chiyoda Industry Indonesia Why

Because our main focus is customers, all forms related to customers are our responsibility including Service, Quality, and Delivery.

Chiyoda Industry is very committed to the timing and accuracy of products desired by customers. So with the commitment and time that has been passed we are still very trusted by our clients.

We always want to provide the best service for our clients. Of course we always apply innovation in our processes, this is in order to achieve the efficiency of our targets for customers.

We still maintain discipline for various lines until now in order to maintain and improve our efficiency of products and customers.

Our management and employees always synergize and continuously make improvements to existing improvements in order to achieve efficiency.

With Chiyoda’s strong experience, all forms of processes related to our clients always involve customers, thus creating strong customer relationships.


Our Factory Plants Facilities

Our ISO Certifications


Our Customers

Share Holders

PT. Chiyoda Industry Indonesia owned by multinational company. The entities are Chiyoda Kogyo (Japan), & Chiyoda Kakou (Japan).

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